Family Photo

This is a photo of my mum's side of the family taken in 2017 at a Panikulam family get-together

TOP LEFT-RIGHT: Ansie (aunt), Rinsie (aunt), Ann Mary (cousin), Saviou (cousin), Manu (cousin), Matthew (brother), Maksie (aunt), Priya (mum), Rose (sister)
SQUISHED IN THE MIDDLE: Me, Steve (cousin)
BOTTOM LEFT-RIGHT: Gracious (uncle), Jos (uncle), Mathew (grandpa), Veronica (grandma), Jeffo (uncle), Jos (dad)

I'm doing my mum's side of the family because my dad's side has A LOT of people and we've never had all of us in the same place at the time to take a photo

Family Members

That I Interviewed


Year Name Location/s
1700 Kunjivareed (George) Elavoor Kunnappillissery region
1725 Joseph Moozhikulam, fought with local Naduvazhi (chieftains and descendants of royal households), Pazhayangadi
1760 Kunjivareed (George) Parur
1809 Itoop (Joseph) Parur
1835 Kunjuvareed (George) Parur
1883 Kunjavara (Abraham) Founder of Modern Katoor
1905 George (George) Katoor
1934 Mathew P. George Thrissur


There is a large area in Elavoor near Moozhikulam comprising of a 'ambalakulam' (sort of outdoor pool/pond-ish area) surrounded by a stretch of paddy field on one side and coconut farms on the other three sides known by the title 'Paranikulam' and inherited by the present generation of the family. It is believed that the inhabitants of this fort were the Hindu ancestors of the Panikulam family. The original title of the family during its Hindu days is understood to have been Paranikulam which by the passage of time got abbreviated to 'Panikulam'.

The first recorded migration of a family member from Moozhikulam areas is the settlement of Joseph S/o. Kunjuvareed in North Parur around the year 1750 A.D. His movement out of Moozhikulam was, as per tradition, prompted by a fight with the local 'Naduvazhi' (chief). From North Parur the family spread out to Ambazhakad, Kattoor (two wings) and Thundathukadavu and from Kattoor to Edathurithy.

The Panikulam family thrived in Moozhikulam. The members are settled in the adjoining localities of Elavoor, Kunnappillissery, and Parakadavu all of which once formed parts of Moozhikulam parish.


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